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How to buy a perfect mens ring?

It is indeed a difficult thing to buy a ring for men, with lots of varieties and options it is had to choose the best. But a best ring is what is not only charming, elegant but also suites the occasions and your hand too. Koshman designer rings have a large collection of designer silver rings and you can also ask us to create a custom ring for you. You can buy silver ring, or you can buy a custom ring from Koshman designer rings. Koshman is a French ring designer, they love to design elegant and charming rings. You can buy a designer ring at a good price or you can go and buy a silver ring to add up your collection. This will make your ring collection more precious and unique.

How Koshman Designer Rings are helping for Men’s rings?

There is a big market for men’s rings and very few people are designing rings for men. These special designers know the inside out of designing the rings for men for different occasions. Now you can buy a designer ring for you or you can go to buy custom ring or a buy silver ring fit tour your finger. Or you can user from a designer rung range already designed as per the needs of the market. Koshman is one of the rings designer, they are specialized in wedding rings, party rings and formal rings for men. The carefully designed and crafted patterns are created on silver rings that make Koshman designer rings perfect for the men’s collection. Now, no need to go anywhere to buy a designer ring, just visit Koshman and buy silver ring or a designer ring for your beautiful finger. You can visit the store to buy the ring or contact designer to get a custom ring specimen for his wedding or any party. The Koshman is dedicated to creating unique, trendy and perfect designer rings, their silver rings are their trademark thy claim no one can create the silver rings than them, and for some instance it is true. Men love their rings because of charming designs and perfect blend of creativity and trendiness. Wearing a perfect ring on any occasion is and art, and creating a perfect ring is also an art. And Koshman ring designers know this; they have mastered the art of ring creation for men. They have adapted to the old traditions and trending styles and this is the reason they stand alone as perfect designers of men’s rings.

A guide to wear right mens ring at right occasion

Wearing a perfect ring is an art, and most guys have no idea how to do it. They just pick one and wear whatever the occasion is, though it never fits the occasion, but they just do it occasionally. I know many of you own a silver ring, a designer ring, or specially crafted custom-made ring, but you suffer with the idea what is best place or event to wear the ring. Ohh, don’t be embarrassed, read the article till the end and it will guide you to wear the ring perfectly for the next event. Rings are mostly wore jewelry item, whether a man or a women, they love wearing rings, and designers love to create men’s rings. You can make a statement with right mens ring without saying anything. I know you want to be a part of some stylish and glamorous family with a designer ring or especially custom made ring for you. But you struggle with the idea which men’s ring is perfect for which occasion. So if you’re someone who’s considering wearing a ring purely for the style of it (rather than just a wedding band), here are a few of the traditional associations for rings on fingers.

First – Right Hand rings vs. Left Hand rings

Although there is no rule to wear ring in a specific figure, but yeah one event is exceptional. Engagement and wedding rings are exceptions — there are a lot of specific cultural traditions — but at the end of the day there are so many cultural traditions that it becomes an anything-goes situation anywhere that’s not completely homogeneous. Like some of the American have tradition to wear men’s ring in their left finger but on the same time a beautiful silver ring was present on the other hand first finger in eastern orthodox church. By the way on a lighter note men’s engagement rings are rare enough already that there is no set tradition.

1. The Little (Pinky) Finger mens ring

Men usually wear a shiny silver ring in little figure to make a statement. Normally these fingers have no traditions to wear men’s rings, so a man can wear a sliver ring, custom made ring or a designer ring any time. The designer has specially crafter related rings for men with custom designs, titles and names for men.

2. The Fourth (Ring) Finger mens ring

Yeah, in United states of America this finger is associated with men’s wedding ring finger. A designer ring on the right fourth finger indicates engagement, while a custom ring or a silver ring on the left fourth finger indicates marriage. Usually in France people will go and buy custom ring which is usually a silver ring or some gold band for their wedding/engagement rings. A large designer ring equipped with a jewel or a silver ring is usually known as symbol of engaged or a married men.

3. The Middle Finger mens ring

Yeah, this is the largest and boldest finger of your hand, it must have a same size ring on it. Usually designers craft a large and visible men’s ring for the middle finger. But on contrary people don’t wore rings on this finger, but now with a wide range of collection of men’s rings, containing all kind of designer rungs, silver rings, diamond rings, custom rings, people are trying to use this finger to wore a ring.

4. The Index or Pointer Finger mens ring

Yeah, it’s a natural instinct to keep the Index finger clear, since we use it more than any other digit (except the thumb), but it turns out that a on the finger doesn’t interfere with it as much as one on the finger next to it. Hundreds of years ago the most common finger for men’s ring was the index finger. It was symbol of elite people and in some parts of Europe the low ranked people were forbidden to wear rings in index finger. It means if you are wearing a classic custom ring or a precious designer ring then you must wear it in Index finger. although many men (especially younger, unmarried men) opt for the ring finger out of habit instead.

5. The Thumb mens ring

Thumb rings are bit different than others, and people of French Culture enjoy wearing rings in thumb as per their culture and traditions.  Many societies take a men’s ring on his thumb as a symbol of wealth and influence. A silver ring, designer ring or a custom ring on a men’s thumb show his power, wealth. Buy a silver ring today and join the class of elite. In old times the rings were used to define the personality, a wealthy and high class man used to wear silver rings and gold rings. Although at that time designer rings were not that common and very few people used use custom rings or designer rings. If we see same is the case now, as although this is not any tradition to show superiority through rings but not everyone can afford a designer ring or a custom ring for himself. For this Koshman rings has changed the bit, the rings are very affordable and anyone can buy the mens ring of his choice. If you are a ring lover and you want to look classy wearing a classic designer ring then don’t waste your time, it time to try Koshman designer rings.