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Rings as an ice breaker

Rings as an ice breaker Let’s say you go out one night and you would like to meet someone new. How do you start a conversation with a complete stranger, so that you appear friendly and well-intentioned, instead of awkward and weird? Believe it or not, each time someone wishes to start a conversation with me, someone completely new until that day, will start it based on the rings I wear in most of the cases. My accessories seemed interesting…

Men’s details

Devil is in the details If you want to provide something different to your clients, if you want to stand out in the crowd in a market that is flooded by mass-produced goods, you need to do something very special. This is the mission of my brand and of the items we provide. I wanted that the men accessories provided through my business to be unique, one of a kind, something else that you would normally buy from any store…