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Men’s principles

Men’s principles Everything around us changes fast. One set of values may be considered important one day, rapidly changing to another set of values the other day, but not men’s principles. Our lives change from one year to another, our preferences and goals as well, depending on what we consider best for us. We should not be afraid of change, but embrace it when it is appropriate. Still, in a world that is characterized by changes at a fast pace, it…

Men’s rings are status symbols

Men’s rings are status symbols Ever since ancient times, rings were among the most appreciated accessories men used to wear. But, in comparison with modern days, in antiquity only men with a certain social position, like royalties and the upper-class, could afford to own and wear rings. Men rings were a sign of wealth, power, and high social status, because precious metals accessories, decorated with gems in most cases, were far from being accessible to everybody. Nothing is more important…