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Custom rings

your made to order designer ring

We can customize a ring from our collection with your initials, or create a completely fresh and unique design. The only limitation – we do not deal with gemstones.

An example of how what a custom made order process looks like will be provided shortly.

For any questions you can contact us in the live chat

Custom rings – a nice gift for your loved one, relative, boss, an important element of any collection. Since ancient times, people valued and cherished ring, wore them on important events, weddings, momentous meeting.
Made of
precious metal ring often is a masterpiece, the result of work and excellence jeweler, passed down from generation to generation. Also, in ancient times, it was assumed that the correctly chosen and manufactured ring protects against evil spells, to preserve the health and properties of precious metals to help get rid of various ailments

custom one
custom one 3D
custom two
custom two 3D