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Style does not need to be flashy. The essence hides in the smallest details that may hide in plain sight and be visible only to the owner. Sometimes less is more.

Detailed band

A simple band ring with an asymmetric pattern on its side designed specifically for this piece. It takes the simplest form and turns it into an item of minimalistic sophistication.

Soft square

Rounded square shaped ring with concave lines crafted into its side. The comfort of wearing it is indistinguishable from a round band but it has its inconspicuous uniqueness.

Triangular cut

A band with a triangular side section and embedded pyramid like details on its top. It feels really satisfying to pass your finger on its pointy edge.

Sharp lines

A thin band with lines shaped like sharp spikes on its top. Sharpness relates to aggression witch is at the foundation of animal behaviour and the survival instinct. These aspects are the basis of human journey that lead to what the humanity is today.

Egraved tree

Circular signet ring with a concave top side and an engraved tree symbol. The tree with its naked branches is a personal detail that may stay unrevealed from other people’s eyes. It’s congruent to being aware of a secret hidden in plain sight.