The five values men rings collection

Most people are used to wearing accessories that don’t have any meaning whatsoever. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Why would you choose to wear something if it doesn’t mean anything to you or doesn’t represent at least a fragment of who you are? Because for me nothing is chosen or made by accident, I decided to create a collection of men rings that represented five fundamental men’s values for each man with a strong personality and integrity. It took me about a year to put these rings together, because I closely studied three different cultures and their particularities to make this happen.

  • The five values

What are the most important values for most of us? Love, family, honor, fairness and truth will be stated by most men that know what they have to fight for. Whether you care about all these values or have just several that are important to you, it doesn’t matter, because the main thing is that your life is guided by some strong values. Maybe you love truth, fairness, and honor, but haven’t met the right person to know real love and have family added to your list of values. These are things that are earned in time, as we advance in life, so it is not mandatory to have all of them on the list right from the start. So, you don’t need to own the entire ring collection, but pick that ring or those rings that represent your values in the best way possible.

  • Different cultures should come together as one

When creating this collection, each value received three different designs of rings. One ring contains a word in Arabic, one in Hebrew, and one in Latin. Thus, each value has these tree rings available, which means that the collection has a total of 15 men rings. Why did I choose to do this, to add words in different languages on the rings? The collection is intended to be a reminder that, even if we come from different cultures and have different traditions, we are still people of this planet and should consider ourselves as one and the same. Even though the symbols on the rings are different, representing the three cultures I mentioned earlier, the shape of each ring is the same, which is a way to say that we are all made in the same way, we have the same essence in our core, regardless of the symbol that represents us. The world would be a much better place if we could just see and understand this.

  • The work and effort of one year for a unique collection

If you really want to wear a ring that is like no other, this collection is more than suitable for you. I didn’t rush when I started working on these rings, so you shouldn’t rush either in picking the one that represents you. What is the value you believe most in? And what is the culture that lies at your roots? Most of us may have more than one value and many of us may have ancestors that come from different cultures.