Request a sizing tool

We can send a free sizing tool to your address. It comes in a shape of a small plastic ruler of adjustable size that goes around your finger. Simply leave your coordinates below and we will do the rest.  The delivery may take from a couple of days to a week depending on your location. Generally we send the tool the next day after your request.

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Downloadable tool

There is also a quicker way of measuring your ring size by using a paper sizer that can be downloaded below as a printable PDF file. This printable tool by will help you determine both your finger size and ring size if you are not sure what it is. Please ensure that your print settings are at 100% when printing the tool page and that it is not being shrunk to fit on the page.

Download the sizing tool


Size Table

Inside Diameter MMInside Diameter InchesUSA Canada Mexico Ring SizeUK Ireland Australia New Zealand South Africa Ring SizeGermany France Ring SizeSpain Italy Ring SizeJapan China India South America Ring Size
15 mm0.594H46.86,57
15.3 mm0.604.5I4888
15.6 mm0.625J49.39,59
16.2 mm0.635.5K50.610,510
16.6 mm0.656L51.91211
16.9 mm0.676.5M53.113,513
17.2 mm0.687N54.414,514
17.8 mm0.707.5O55.71615
18.1 mm0.718P571716
18.5 mm0.738.5Q58.318,517
19.1 mm0.759R59.52018
19.4 mm0.769.5S60.82119
19.7 mm0.7810T62.122,520
20.4 mm0.7910.5U63.423,522
20.7 mm0.8111V64.62523
21.0 mm0.8311.5W65.92624
21.6 mm0.8412X67.227,525
22.0 mm0.8612.5Y68.52926
22.3 mm0.8713Z69.73027
22.9 mm0.8913.5Z+27132
23.2 mm0.9114Z+372.333
23.6 mm0.9214.5Z+473.634,5
24.0 mm0.9415Z+574.835