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Fighter’s Spirit

collection of tribal rings

I believe that we live just once so why not try to be the max of what we can be. Following this path requires a certain range of qualities from a modern man such as courage and mental strengths. In my opinion it is well represented symbolically by a tribal warrior figure. This image is long gone and in my estimate its most stable representation that survived to our days lays within the Maori culture. Tūmatauenga – Tū the angry face, is a Maori god of war who fought other gods and provided humanity with ability to gather food, hunt, sail, fish and make tools. Tū had a number of names for each trait of personality he showed during his battles. The Fighter’s spirit tribal rings collection reflect these traits. Every ring comes in three different form factors so it fits any style.


Ka Nguha – the fierce fighter. Tribal rings to remind you how to behave in fights for a better future. It matters not if your fight is about building your business or about killing a bad habit. In both cases you get a higher chance of winning if you fight as fiercely and energetically as you can.


Ka riri – the warmonger. Tribal rings that remind you to fight for your future. Some battles will not come to you, but need to be started with your initiative.


Mata Uenga – angry face. Tribal rings with a touch of anger you might need to fight the biggest and the most important battles of your life.


Kai Taua – the destroyer of armies. Its up to everyone to face his own problems. Destroy them or be destroyed. Tribal rings to give you mental power to face a legion of modern life’s burdens.


Mata Whaiti – the cunning. A good fighter does not only count on his strengths but on his ability to outsmart the enemy. Tribal rings to remind you that some situations needs to be thought about before action.